Orientation & Presentation about Asahikawa and its environs
For Overseas Participants

Date : 26 FEB 09:15~09:45
Place : Snow Crystal Museum

History of Hokkaido Snow Travel Expo was introduced and overview/schedule for this expo was informed to overseas participants at the orientation.
After that, attractive characteristics of Asahikawa city and its environs including basic information/transportation/tourist attractions were presented.
This program was held at Snow Crystal Museum, which became one of the most popular tourist spot in Hokkaido after “Disney’s Frozen” scored a big hit since the European castle-like building reminiscent of the world of the movie
Participants also enjoyed taking pictures and shopping in crowd of tourists in this museum after the presentation.
Orientation & Presentation about Asahikawa and its environs For Overseas Participants

Local Inspection Divided into 7groups

Date : 26 FEB 10:00~16:30

  • CourseA / Winter vegetable harvesting & Winter driving experience
  • CourseB / Pottery experience & Confectionery making
  • CourseC / Snow banana boat & Snow shoe walk
  • CourseD / Japanese cultural experiences(Soba noodles cooking & Tea ceremony)
  • CourseE / Dog sledding & Horseback riding
  • CourseF / Bag making with recycled materials & textile-dyeing
  • CourseG / Snow activities at Sounkyo gorge / http://www.sounkyo.net/english/
Local Inspection Divided into 7groups

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party

Date : 26 FEB 18:00~20:00
Place : Asahikawa Design Center.

Since Asahikawa is well-known for furniture and wooden crafts, Opening ceremony and welcome party took place in Asahikawa’s symbolic facility “Asahikawa Design Center”.
Mayor of Asahikawa city and director general of Hokkaido Transport Bureau had a speech in English at the opening ceremony to give an address of welcome and to introduce about Hokkaido such as history of ski in Hokkaido, current situation of inbound tourism.

Welcome party was started with passionate speech by the chairman of Hokkaido Ski Promotion Council. All guests enjoyed Hokkaido’s specialty food, local wine or Sake with watching traditional Ainu performance.
Opening Ceremony and Welcome Party

Ski/Snowboard Inspection and Lesson

Date : 27 FEB 09:15~16:00
Place : Kamui Ski Links

Enjoyed Japow Hokkaido in a perfect condition with blue sky and fresh powdery snow fallen during the night before the day!
Professional instructors of Kamui Ski Links and other ski resorts gave ski/snowboard lessons to first timers and beginners.
Participants practiced diligently as we could hear that someone from Southeast Asia was saying like “I’m sweating in this cold place while I’m skiing! I feel like it’s hotter than my country!”

Advanced skiers and snowboarders tried variety of slops with instructors and looked very happy with deep, fresh snow around top of the mountain.
Ski/Snowboard Inspection and Lesson

Local Food Tour

Date : 27 FEB 18:00~20:30
Place : SAN-ROKU entertainment area / Asahikawa City downtown

Divided into 5 groups to explore “San-Roku Gai”, Asahikawa’s center of wine & dine. Each teams visited two restaurants in two hours and enjoyed Hokkaido’s specialties such as fresh seafood, char-grilled chicken, Jingisukan(Hokkaido-style lamb BBQ) , typical Japanese tapas. Regarding “Asahikawa Dinner Passport”, which was used for the local food tour, we could hear the opinion from participants that “This Passport will be a big help for tourists because many of them love to explore the town by themselves to find local-loved place for real food/cultural experience instead of staying at hotel or tourist sight all day long.”
Local Food Tour

Hokkaido Snow Resort Presentation

Date : 28 FEB 09:00~09:30
Place : Banquet room " HOKUTO" 2F, Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa

Presented overview and potential of Hokkaido as a snow resort. Explained why Hokkaido attracts many skiers and snowboarders with showing some data of temperature in winter, amount of snow etc. Also introduced well-equipped facilities & activities in each ski resorts, attractions for after-ski. At the session after the seminar, overseas participants asked some questions regarding secondary transportation around Asahikawa and all over Hokkaido, preparation to host tourists with range of food cultures. Members of Hokkaido Ski Promotion Council explained current situation and their plan or outlook for the future for the given questions.
Hokkaido Snow Resort Presentation

Business Meeting for Tour Agent

Date : 28 FEB 9:40~16:00
Place : Banquet room " SAIUN " 3F, Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa

Snow resorts, hotels and accommodations, transportation companies, travel agency, activity providers attended as suppliers at the business meeting. Through 14 business sessions, suppliers and overseas tour agents exchanged their each information and requests each other and had constructive conversations to create attractive packages for the next season.
Business Meeting for Tour Agent

Media Fam Tour around Mt.Asahidake

Date : 28 FEB 09:45~16:00

■Tour Course
Asahidake Onsen(Hotel Bearmonte) === Lunch === Asahidake Ropeway === Skishoe hike through snowfield === Higashikawa Sentopyua === Hotel

Two experts of media joined this Fam tour. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, both of them enjoyed this unique experience especially SkiShoe hiking.
Media Fam Tour around Mt.Asahidake

Shopping Experience in Local Shopping center

Date : 28 FEB 16:30~18:00
Place : AEON mall Asahikawa station

33 overseas guests attended this program. Brochure (English ver. & Chinese ver.) and e-money card was supplied to the guests.
Shopping Experience in Local Shopping center


Date : 28 FEB 18:30~20:30
Place : "Sky Banquet room" 17F,
Hoshino Resorts OMO7 Asahikawa

Casual style stand-up party with excellent buffet. The video of participants during this expo was played on a screen. The party was liven up with a live performance. Ended with heartwarming speech by Mayor of Asahikawa city.

Snow Resorts TOUR

Date : 1 MAR-2 MAR

Guests were divided into 8 groups Inspected ski slops, rooms and other facilities of hotel in each ski resorts.
  • Route1 / Furano
  • Route2 / Yubari
  • Route3 / Tomamu
  • Route4 / Sahoro
  • Route5 / SAPPORO
    (TEINE, BAN-K, KOKUSAI ski resort / Overnight stay in Jozankei Onsen)
  • Route6 / KIRORO
  • Route7 / NISEKO
  • Route8 / RUSUTSU
>Snow Resorts TOUR
Time Schedule
Images from past Hokkaido Snow Travel Expo Images from past Hokkaido Snow Travel Expo
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